Is your website delivering the leads that you thought it would? If not, that’s one of the warning signs that your closet and garage business website is in need of an overhaul. There are several signs that your website needs help. Here are the top five ones that your website is in trouble.

Loading, Loading, Loading

If your website is crawling along, it’s likely going to annoy users. In fact, if your website does not load instantly, most visitors will navigate away before it ever loads. Connections are faster than ever, and consumers are impatient. If your website is slow, it needs some attention.

It Does Not Have a Responsive Design

Responsive design is the standard today, but only a few short years ago it was not. Responsive design means that your website looks the same to users across all devices. Whether the user is viewing your website on a phone, desktop, or tablet, they’ll have the same experience. If your website is not responsive, you’re losing ground with closet and garage business visitors. This means that it’s time for an update.

Wrong Information or Outdated Content

If you have let things slip with your website maintenance and you’re using outdated content, or if some or all of the information is wrong, then visitors won’t be able to reach you or will navigate away because they think your site is a scam site. Savvy consumers are using the internet to find trusted businesses. If your content or information is outdated or erroneous, then you’re not sending the “you can trust this business” signal. Your website needs help.

People Ask Questions That Should Be Answered on Your Homepage

If you’re fielding calls about your closet and garage business that consumers should be finding the answer to on your homepage, then something is amiss. It’s likely the design of your website is the problem. Important information should be easy to find and helpful.

Low Conversion Rates

Maybe you’re getting traffic to your website, but that traffic isn’t converting. This can be a warning sign that something is going on with your website. It can be a variety of things, like broken links, missing information, outdated contact information, the wrong forms, and more. Email marketing has a 4,400% ROI according to WPForms, but not if your email marketing attempt directs leads to a website that does not function well.

Get the support you need to get your website back on track. Call us at Closet and Garage Marketing today. We can help you fix your website and reach the success you’re looking for.

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