Email Marketing

Engage with current clients and reach new audiences.

Email marketing is a tried-and-true method for your closet and garage design business to deliver the latest information to your potential customers, with countless businesses nationwide already sending emails to further grow their brands.

99% of email users check their email inbox daily. (Constant Contact 2021 Research)
61% of consumers prefer weekly promotional emails. (Constant Contact 2021 Research)
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Email Marketing Designed to Convert

Boost Customer Communication

With email marketing, customers and prospects stay engaged. We put you in customers’ inboxes without sounding like spam. We’ll customize our email marketing templates with your own fonts, colors, and logos.

Target Your Customers Directly

Increase the impact of your email newsletters by creating focused email lists by customer interests. Sending relevant and targeted email marketing increases response rates.

Grow Your Business Through Referrals

Email newsletters are easy to forward. When your loyal customers forward your newsletters to their friends, you get new prospects. Increase your mailing list by putting a “Join My Mailing List” button on your website or Facebook page. Email marketing turns fans, friends, and followers into loyal customers.

Track Your Results

Send email campaigns quickly and easily. See results with real-time email reports. Schedule email delivery during times people are most likely to check theirs email, increasing the likelihood they’ll read it and take action. See who opens your emails, who forwards them to friends, and who clicks on which links to tailor your content.

Email Marketing Services Built for Your Success

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Email Marketing Account Setup


Includes 1 professional email platform account dashboard setup in Constant Contact, contact list upload and branded newsletter

Email Marketing Template


Includes 1 professionally designed email template within the Constant Contact platform.

Email Marketing Newsletter


One email per month, with 2+ images and 1 hyperlink. Includes 50-200 words of content writing with one revision round.

Email Drip Campaign Setup


Includes 5 professionally designed email templates with content writing within the Constant Contact platform.

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