About the Closet & Garage Marketing Process

We’re powered by Fasturtle®, a digital marketing agency founded in 2000.

Step 1

Strategy Consultation
  • Your first step to grow your closet and garage business starts with a free website audit with one of our expert marketing consultants.
  • At our first meeting, we’ll analyze your current marketing efforts, online performance, and how you stack up against your competitors.
  • We’ll discuss your goals and your budget, and create a game plan to meet those goals.

Step 2

Setup & Onboarding
  • After signing your contract, we’ll collect a few additional details from you through an onboarding form, such as technical logins we’ll need to get started.
  • You’ll meet our production and marketing specialists who will strategically develop your campaign to get you results.
  • You’ll get a preview of your ads, landing pages and more before they go live, so you can see how they align with your brand.

Step 3

Optimization & Reporting
  • Your campaign launch is an exciting milestone! You’ll be notified once your campaign launches, and you’ll receive 24/7 access to our Conversion Tracking (CT) Dashboard to track real-time results.
  • The next 30 to 90 days after launch are crucial for establishing the learning stage of your campaign. Our team closely monitors all elements of your campaign and makes adjustments to best utilize your budget. This helps optimize your long-term success to get you the best results!
  • Our team and resource library is available to help answer any questions along the way and you’ll receive regular progress reports after your launch.

Step 4

Celebrate Your Business Growth
  • Our dedicated marketing team continues to focus on growing your business month after month. We’ll keep updating your campaign to ensure that quality leads continue coming in.
  • We love to help closet and garage businesses grow, and we are here to help grow yours!