Online reviews are crucial to your digital marketing, because they have the power to influence consumer behavior and increase your profit margin.

Follow these steps to get more reviews:

  • How and when to ask for online reviews
  • Make it simple to leave reviews
  • Keep the reviews current

Ask your customers for reviews–don’t be reluctant to do this. Consumers are asked to do this often when making purchases. Take Amazon for example, how often do you read their product reviews before making a purchase? If there are many five-star reviews, you will most likely purchase the product due to the positive ratings. The same scenario applies to your closet and garage business too. Keep getting a constant stream of positive reviews to build trust among your customers.

How and When to Ask for Online Reviews For Your Closet and Garage Business

You can’t get reviews if you don’t ask for them. Read these simple steps to get more reviews:

  • Ask after you’ve provided a great service
  • During conversations with your customers in person or on the phone
  • Ask your customers when you send an email
  • Enlist your staff to ask your customers for reviews too
  • Provide a link on your website that points to your Google Reviews Page
  • Hand out business cards that include a QR Code that points to your Google Reviews Page
  • Ask for reviews on social media
  • Add a link to your email signature that points to your Google Reviews Page
  • Always respond to all positive and negative reviews to show your appreciation and how you resolve customer issues

Make it Simple for Customers to Leave Online Reviews

Be sure to make it simple for your customers to leave reviews. Verify with your customers if they prefer getting a link via email or a text to your Google Business Listing and send it right away. This will help to get your customer to commit to posting a review for you.

Follow these simple steps to get a link to your Google Reviews Page. And, make sure to test the link prior to sending it to your customers. You can even shorten and customize the link on

  1. Log into your Google Business Profile account
  2. Select the ‘Ask for reviews’ button to get the link

Keep the Online Reviews Coming

Current reviews are very important because they reveal timely and accurate information about your company’s products, service, and reputation. In addition, current reviews help to build a higher level of trust among your customers and in your company. See just how important reviews are by reading these statistics below:

  • Prior to visiting business 90 percent will read online reviews
  • Online reviews are just as important to 88 percent of the consumers as personal recommendations
  • 72 percent of consumers trust local business more when reading positive reviews
  • 90 percent of consumers say online reviews are what influence their purchases
  • Product page visitors convert at a 58 percent higher rate after reading reviews

You should also keep a close eye on your online reputations. At Closet and Garage Marketing, we can help you monitor your online reviews. Reputation monitoring is included in our marketing solutions. Learn more about how our marketing solutions can help you.

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