In the last few years, TikTok has grown at a rapid speed to become one of the most used social media platforms out there. TikTok’s success is majorly in part due to its famous algorithm. This behavior mirrors the practices of search engine optimization in how it promotes content to the correct people through skillful social media advertising and marketing.

The Filter Bubble Effect

There has been worry that, because the content its users are being shown is so tailored to their own interests, this algorithm creates a filter bubble effect. When you are only seeing the news articles that make you passionate, then you end up stuck in a bubble of one-sided information. The fear is that this notion may promote radicalism, and TikTok has taken a lot of heat over this controversial topic.

They came up with a very simple solution to this problem: throw random videos into the mix that are not at all based upon a person’s specific interests.

How SEO Factors In On TikTok

One of TikTok’s more prominent ranking factors comes from how its users interact with each video. This interaction can be through likes, comments, shares, the amount of time spent watching a video, bookmarks, and more. A video’s content plays a major role in how the algorithm is essentially using SEO practices to understand and promote each video. These ranking factors, such as a video’s sound, text, visuals, and description, are all used to assess what the video is about, and then put it on the screens of people who may find the content interesting.

TikTok can also use more discrete information that one wouldn’t typically think about when imagining what is helping the algorithm. When you sign up for the app, you can select the language of the app, what your preference is, and then what language you would want translations into. This factor plays into a user’s locality information as well. You are more likely to see and interact with videos of people who reside in your country. To take it one step further, TikTok takes into account the type of device you are using while on the app. An older model phone will most likely be shown short videos with lighter content so the phone’s system doesn’t struggle to keep up, in turn interrupting a user’s experience.

What Ranking Factors In

Certain factors are not eligible to rank and will be flagged and removed due to the content of a video. Violence and nudity content will be taken down very quickly, while there are some videos that can stay posted but will never appear on the For You page. These would include any video made by someone under the age of 16, any video with a QR Code, videos with forced interaction, stolen content without credits, dangerous actions not performed by a professional, and any video where tobacco is featured.

Should You Consider Advertising on TikTok Soon?

When it boils down to social media advertising and search engine marketing, TikTok has proven time and time again to have the perfect process. While according to EnGenius, Facebook is currently dominating the social media market, if TikTok continues down this road, it may just take over social media one day.

Utilizing SEO practices and understanding the wants and needs of its users puts TikTok in a league of it’s own. To learn more about how SEO practices can improve your social media impact, contact Closet and Garage Marketing Powered by Fasturtle today to learn more about social media advertising and SEO best practices!

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