By now most everyone knows that if you have a Closet & Garage design business you need to have a website design that will promote your business and bring in the leads, but many businesses are not getting the results that they thought they would. Yes, sometimes it is a poor website design that is keeping you down, but in other cases, it is what you are not doing that is keeping the customers from your door.

The Most Obvious Problem

If you are not getting the leads that you thought you would or you think you should, the most obvious and common issue is poor website design. A lot of business owners think once they launch their site they are done and the customers will start pouring in. The fact is a little different.
If your site is five years or older and you have not made any changes, your website is outdated. A quick audit by a professional can tell you what you need to change. Websites are fluid. They are not a one-and-done forever type deal. Upgrade your website to improve your lead generation.

Check All Your Information

This may sound a little crazy, but there are a lot of businesses that change locations, phone numbers, contact information and even their company name, and do not update their contact information online. Check all the information that is online about your business to ensure that all the information is correct.
There are billions of searches done every day on Google and about 15% are considered “new” by Google. If your information is wrong, Google will return results that are full of errors, and you will lose out on the lead. Check your contact information regularly, not only on your website but on other internet platforms as well.

CTA, Call to Action

Your web design should afford visitors a multitude of ways to contact you through CTA clicks. A call-to-action button can say things like “call now” or “contact us” or “schedule your estimate”. Having an easy way to contact you can result in more leads for your closet and garage business. Consumers like things to be easy.

Audit Your Strategies and Get Help

If you want to improve your leads, one of the best ways to do that is to take a close look at your strategy, your web design, and to get some professional help on board. Getting professional help can be a game-changer. Connect with the professionals that focus on results today.

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