SEO marketing is the holy grail of marketing, but it can be tough starting out. Pay-per-click advertising is a great way to bridge the gap. Pay per click marketing is a simple way to drive more traffic to your site and connect with leads.

The custom garage and closet industry is a little different when it comes to advertising than other service industries. Buyers have already made the decision to buy the service, they are simply looking to connect with the service provider to buy from. Pay per click advertising is a great way to reach those serious buyers.

Search Engine Return Results

Anyone that is interested in connecting with a home remodeling contractor has already made the decision to do the remodeling. They are searching for local providers that can provide fair pricing for their project. According to, about 90% of all searches for services are done on Google. PPC advertising on Google can provide the catalyst to drive those leads to your site, and ultimately request a quote for services.

When a user types “custom closets near me” in the search box, there will be a ton of returns. Research indicates that users never leave the first page of results. What happens if you are not on the first page of the results because your website is new? The user never finds you.

PPC ads are prominently displayed on the first page of results. Users can click through and wind up at your website where you can convert those leads into customers.

Budget-Friendly Option

This type of advertising is a very budget-friendly option. With most marketing tools, you pay a flat rate regardless of results. With PPC, you literally “pay per click”. This feature allows you to control costs and actually see where the money is going.

Complete Flexibility

Pay per click advertising is easily adjusted even in the active phase of advertising. If one strategy is not working, you can try another without additional costs. It is a great option for trying new approaches without losing money.

Marketing in Layers

Yes, SEO marketing is still the most effective way to drive traffic and drive new leads, but it is not a stand-alone marketing strategy. The best marketing strategy is one that has layers. Learn more about marketing your remodeling company by contacting Fasturtle today.

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