Currently, the most debated topic when it comes to digital marketing is artificial intelligence (AI) and how it be used in an everyday setting. However, while it can be an excellent resource in certain niche scenarios, it is still far from being able to replace the work done by your average worker. A recent example of this is the discovery that Sports Illustrated not only published blogs written by AI but also utilized AI-generated photos and backgrounds to pass them off as the work of human writers.

The immediate and long-term consequences for Sports Illustrated will be disastrous, as the already down-sizing outlet will only face further scrutiny over their published content, whether through social media followers voicing their displeasure or by people deciding to boycott their content as a means to show their disapproval.

Universal Backlash

This discovery gained further validation when Futurism reached out for comment, only to find that all related evidence on the Sports Illustrated website had swiftly disappeared. But that did not stop Futurism from publishing their evidence, quickly getting picked up by many other news outlets who have all reached the same conclusion: AI generators are not an acceptable replacement for real authors.

The clearest takeaway from this story is that the overwhelming majority of reactions were negative, and people felt misled and lied to upon discovering content they were consuming had been created by AI, and this feeling is only further exasperated when they are lied to about it. According to Hootsuite, only 27% of US adults trust the results generated by AI, backing up these claims.

Not only do AI-written articles sound a bit off-tone from how an actual writer would phrase their wording, but their work has also proven to be incorrect or misleading. If you want to capture the attention and potential business of your website visitors, make sure to use organic, thoughtful content that has been properly researched to target an audience that matches the service your business provides.

Trust Your Closet Business Marketing Team

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