While the ultimate goal of any garage business marketing strategy is to rank #1 on Google for a high traffic keyword, the top traffic keywords are going to most likely be very saturated with intense competition all vying for the #1 spot.

Scenarios like this is where the idea of targeting local keywords comes into play. Yes, Phoenix Garage Business Marketing will not get the same national appeal that Garage Business Marketing will get, but by targeting a longer tail keyword, your competition will drop significantly, allowing your garage design website to more easily rise above the competition.

How Can I Localize My Garage Social Media Services?

While the algorithm for how different social media sites is all slightly different, there are a few tricks that will enhance your local reach on each platform.

Instead of just adding #GarageDesign, trying adding #PhoenixGarageDesign, to the bottom of your post. On Instagram you can add your location to your posts, allowing for local customers to see that your are indeed their nearest garage design business that they were looking for.

How Can I Localize My Garage SEO Services?

Unless you have a business or product that can be sold nationally, it is in your best interest to rank higher in a single region or state where most most of your customers reside.

It is possible to target keywords with your featured location, like Phoenix Garage Business Marketing, but you should also make sure that your location is mentioned even without other keywords attached throughout the rest of your garage website, to give Google more data to associate your website with a location.

Closet & Garage Marketing WebID, Identify Website Visitors in Your State

Closet and Garage Marketing’s WebID program allows you to identify and follow up with website visitors, even if they don’t fill out a contact form.

With our customizable filters, you can easily sort through which state your website visitors are from, remove visitors from certain states, and see which cities are most interested in your garage business.

This service allows you to easily follow up with potential customers you might otherwise miss, and identify website visitors in an actionable way.

Upgrade Your Garage Business Marketing

If you are interested in revamping your garage business marketing strategy to capitalize on your local market, contact C&G Marketing today.

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