Are you tired of manually juggling posts between your Facebook and Instagram accounts for your garage and closet companies? Do you wonder how social media agencies manage to schedule countless posts seamlessly? Connecting your Instagram account to your Facebook page can revolutionize your social media strategy. Let’s explore the benefits and how to make it happen!

How to Connect Your Instagram and Facebook Pages

Connecting your Instagram and Facebook pages is a breeze. Simply switch your profile to the page you manage, then navigate to the “Professional Dashboard” located in the “Manage Page” menu. From there, locate “Linked Accounts” and sign in using your Instagram credentials. You’re ready to streamline your social media management.

This also has the bonus of automatically creating a Meta Business Account for your closet and garage companies, allowing you more control of how you share different access if you decide to partner with someone, like a social media agency.

Unlock the Power of Meta Business Suite

Dive into the Meta Business Suite to discover several helpful features. Easily manage DMs and comments, schedule posts across platforms, and efficiently oversee paid advertising campaigns—all from one convenient dashboard.

Gain Insights Across Platforms

With your Facebook and Instagram accounts linked, you’ll gain access to valuable audience insights within the Meta Business Suite. Dive deep into audience metrics to better understand your followers’ preferences, behaviors, and demographics.

Having both platforms connected enables you to compare and contrast data effortlessly.

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or a thriving business, leveraging the power of connected accounts and the Meta Business Suite can take your closet and garage companies’ online presence to new heights. Curious about other tools a social media agency can provide to enhance your business? Contact Closet & Garage Marketing today and discover the possibilities.

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