An Expert Digital Marketing Agency Explains Why Google Is Planning to Ignore Older Websites

To keep up with the constantly shifting trends and technologies of the modern day, Google will frequently update its search algorithm as the search habits of the general public change. Most recently, and to the surprise of every digital marketing agency nationwide, this included when Google added artificial intelligence to display answers to questions in the search engine.

However, the next big change that Google is implementing could be even more groundbreaking than artificial intelligence. On July 5th, 2024, Google is planning to stop indexing websites that do not have mobile accessibility.

What Does This Mean?

Even 10 years ago in 2014, the share of searches performed on mobile devices was climbing at 27%. This prompted Google to slowly shift their algorithm to favor websites that were optimized for mobile accessibility. 

Now, in 2024, with the share of searches performed at mobile devices peaking at 61%, Google has plans to completely cut off any website that cannot be accessed on mobile from being found on its search engine.

What Impact Does This Have on My Closet Business’s SEO?

While on the surface this update does not impose any other insight into algorithm updates from Google, it does hint at further reliance on the mobile interface and accessibility of websites within Google.

If your closet and garage company’s website is accessible by mobile devices, but you have consistently received feedback that your menus were hard to navigate, or that the text was too small to read on a small screen, Closet and Garage Marketing, a leading national digital marketing agency, would advise to be proactive and make the needed design changes before they become necessary.


How Does This Affect Your Business?

Nowadays, nearly every website that is built is automatically going to display its content for both mobile and desktop. This update is primarily going to affect websites that were built in the early 2000’s or that were built by coding manually, without a website content management system.

If either of the above sounds familiar to how you built your closet and garage remodeling website, now is the time to have your website rebuilt, before it becomes completely disconnected from Google.

If you are looking for a digital marketing agency with website building experience across many different industries, Closet and Garage Marketing is here for you. Contact us today to learn more.

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