Digital Marketing Case Study

AZ Garage & Closet Design

Arizona Garage and Closet Design specializes in designing custom, luxurious closet and garage spaces that maximize and fit each customer’s organizational needs. Although the company has exceptional customer satisfaction and many years of experience, their previous marketing campaign was lacking in both the quantity and quality of leads. Furthermore, they had low search engine visibility and volume for their core services.

Looking to generate more leads with a marketing strategy that would increase online visibility, improve ad campaign targeting, and leverage their eye-catching images, Arizona Garage and Closet Design began working with Fasturtle in 2020.

A Valued Partnership and a Successful Campaign

Since 2000, Fasturtle has prioritized every client and their unique business goals, providing exceptional, results-oriented, digital marketing solutions. We at Fasturtle pride ourselves on being driven by results and working with our clients to build strong campaigns that grow their businesses. After an in-depth conversation with Arizona Garage and Closet Design about their services, business goals, and marketing needs, our team of experts developed a highly successful marketing campaign.

The Problem

Website visibility and traffic are crucial in getting leads and growing your business in today’s digital world. As a result, Arizona Garage and Closet Design trusted our staff at Fasturtle to resolve the following problems:

Low Website Traffic

On average 1,172 total sessions each month. They needed to see an increase in order to drive more sales.

Low Search Engine Rank

Only one top ranking keyword. This resulted in missing out on a large audience of potential clients.

Low Quality Leads

On average 50 conversions per month, most of which for their service providing the lowest return.

Our Solution

Fasturtle employed a comprehensive marketing campaign leveraging Arizona Garage and Closet Design’s years of experience, luxurious custom product designs, and abundance of glowing testimonials. Reaching the client’s target audience through search engine optimization, Google ads, Facebook ads, and a redesigned landing page highlighting elements of interior design and organization, we dramatically increased their return on investment.

Once launched, the campaign brought in an abundance of quality leads, proving the new partnership between Fasturtle and Arizona Garage and Closet Design to be of tremendous value.

Traffic & Visibility

Focused on increasing overall traffic and visibility of the Arizona Garage and Closet Design brand, we researched keywords with high search volumes that were then used to optimize their website. By continuing to publish relevant content focused on those target keywords, we maintain a steady increase in search engine rank, visibility, and traffic.

Google Ads

Google ads, if created with a well thought out strategy, can be a major source of new business. We implemented creative copy targeting the keywords and services with the highest search volume and conversion rate and adjusted the bidding strategy to be more competitive and focused to generate the desired leads.

Facebook Ads

Capitalizing on our ability to create hyper-targeted ads through Facebook, we were able to increase our reach within their target market. Promoting the showroom images displaying the deluxe closets and cabinet designs, we were able to showcase the quality results customers would receive working with Arizona Garage and Closet Design.

Landing Page

With lead-driven campaigns now in place through Google and Facebook, the final step in launching the campaign was creating an eye-catching landing page generating quality leads. Immediately drawn in by the engaging copy and enticing discount, potential customers are shown the many options for custom organization solutions, reviews from previous customers of Arizona Garage and Closet Design, and a simple contact form to request a free consultation. The high-performing page design is informative yet also provides a clear call to action.

The Results

Year-to-Year Comparison

When Arizona Garage and Closet Design came to Fasturtle, they were struggling with an unsuccessful search engine optimization campaign, low performing ad campaigns, and low quality leads. By implementing the solutions presented above, we have obtained a 62% increase in website visibility and volume, better quality leads, and a 50% increase in conversions with an overall higher conversion rate month over month.

Increase in overall website traffic.
Increase in conversions.
Arizona Garage and Closet Design Keywords

Continued Success in the Home Organization Industry

The valued partnership between Fasturtle and Arizona Garage and Closet Design was built from a highly successful marketing campaign, and has now led to new partnerships with suppliers throughout the country. Even in the early stages of these new campaigns, we are consistently generating high quality leads, increasing the number of leads month over month, and building brand awareness and online visibility. The dedicated Fasturtle team has proven this strategy to be highly effective and continues to do so within other markets around the country.