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Digital Marketing Case Study

Masterpiece Closets

Masterpiece Closets is locally owned & operated, bringing elite custom closets throughout Central Florida. Decades of experience installing thousands of custom closets has made Masterpiece Closets Central Florida’s leading expert on cabinetry and home organization. Recently, they recognized the importance of investing in digital marketing and sought assistance from Fasturtle.

Founded in 2000, Fasturtle was established to help businesses like Masterpiece Closets elevate their brand and reach their business goals. Our clients’ business is our priority. Providing exceptional, results-oriented, digital marketing solutions, we at Fasturtle pride ourselves on being driven by the results and partnering with our clients to build successful campaigns. With the business goals discussed with Masterpiece Closets in mind, our skilled digital marketing team devised an extremely successful marketing campaign.

Looking to generate more leads with a marketing strategy that would increase online visibility and improve ad campaign targeting, Masterpiece Closets began working with Fasturtle in 2022.

The Problem

When customers are looking for help online, they first turn to Google to try to find a solution. This is why it was so important for Masterpiece Closets to have an optimized Google My Business listing, ensuring that customers can easily find the most up-to-date information on Masterpiece Closets.

Low Website Traffic

With their online profile not optimized, it was difficult for Masterpiece Closets to draw in the volume of traffic to their website that they desired. This would require specialized knowledge and skills to research and fix.

Paid Advertising

One important way that businesses draw in customers online is through paid advertising. Masterpiece Closets needed Fasturtle’s help to begin a Google Ads campaign to take advantage of drawing in customers to their website through this channel.

Our Solution

Looking to provide our solutions to Masterpiece Closets marketing needs, Fasturtle recommended the Intro Marketing Program to optimize their Google My Business listing, and also began to advertise the website for Masterpiece Closets through Google Ads.

Soon after joining the Fasturtle Intro Marketing Program, Masterpiece Closets was able to see incredible tangible results, proving their new partnership to be an immediate success.

Google Ads

While it is important to attract organic visits to your business’s website, don’t neglect utilizing Google Ads to add to your audience. By integrating an effective Google Ads campaign to their strategy, Masterpiece Closets is seeing more conversions and engagements than ever before.

Conversion Reporting Dashboard

Included in the Intro Marketing Program is Fasturtle’s Conversion Reporting Dashboard, which allowed Masterpiece Closets to easily visualize and understand exactly how their marketing and analytics were improving. Being able to look at past data and forecast into the future allowed their business to make more informed decisions based on this reporting.

The Results

Masterpiece Closets saw incredible results once Fasturtle was able to integrate their marketing tactics fully.

Helped by optimizing their Google My Business listing, Masterpiece Closets reached new heights in their website sessions.

They have also benefitted greatly from generating traffic to their website from their new Google Ads campaign, giving Masterpiece Closets a new channel to draw in customers from.

Increase in Google Ads Engagement
Increase in Website Sessions
Masterpiece Closets Graph

Continued Success in the Home Organization Industry

The partnership between Fasturtle and Masterpiece Closets has shown incredible success, and looks to continue to show steady improvements in the future. Even in the early stages of campaigns, we are building brand awareness and online visibility. The dedicated Fasturtle team has proven this strategy to be highly effective and continues to do so within other markets around the country. Contact our team today to see how we can turn around your business.