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Digital Marketing Case Study

Organizers Direct

Organizers Direct is committed to developing quality custom cabinetry and home organization systems to promote stress-free living. From the coat closet in the foyer to the man cave in the second garage, their products deliver custom storage solutions for every room of your house. Recently, they recognized the importance of investing in digital marketing and sought assistance from Fasturtle.

Founded in 2000, Fasturtle was established to help businesses like Organizers Direct elevate their brand and reach their business goals. Our clients’ business is our priority. Providing exceptional, results-oriented, digital marketing solutions, we at Fasturtle pride ourselves on being driven by the results and partnering with our clients to build successful campaigns. With the business goals discussed with Organizers Direct in mind, our skilled digital marketing team devised an extremely successful marketing campaign.

Looking to generate more leads with a marketing strategy that would increase online visibility and improve ad campaign targeting, Organizers Direct began working with Fasturtle in 2021.

The Problem

Making sure that your website is ranking for keywords that your customers are searching for is essential for to any business. Organizers Direct needed to make sure that potential customers were seeing their website before competitors as the solution to their needs. Needing to find a way to achieve this, they turned to Fasturtle to improve on several metrics:

Keyword Rankings

If your business is not ranking highly within Googles keyword rankings, no potential customer is going to discover your business and convert their interest into revenue. Having identified keywords that matched with their brand goals, Organizers Direct needed help to boost their ranking.

Website Optimization

Not only is it important to get potential customers onto your website, but also to help easily find the solution to their problem. This would require a website rework to best optimize it for user experience.

Our Solution

In creating a marketing strategy to ensure Organizers Direct be ranked in the top 5 for specific keywords, as well as optimizing their website to ensure customer satisfaction, Fasturtle recommended their Growth SEO Program in order to address their digital marketing needs.

Once launched, the campaign was able to skyrocket Organizers Direct up their desired Google keyword rankings utilizing the included SEO improvements in the Growth SEO Program, proving the new partnership between Fasturtle and Organizers Direct to be a clear success.

Keyword Research & Strategy

With Fasturtle’s specialty in helping brands maintain and improve their Google keyword rankings, we knew that we could have Organizers Direct ranked highly within competitive search results from their customers. Through detailed research and analysis, we were able to focus our efforts on identifying the keywords with the highest ROI for Organizers Direct to target, and ensure a top 3 ranking.

Website Optimization

Included in Fasturtle’s Growth SEO program is premium onsite optimization, meant to increase the user experience once they were on Organizers Direct’s website. Our team has extensive experience making sure that the user experience is informational and clear, leading them to easily navigate your website and find what they are looking for.

SEO Campaign

Looking to build brand awareness and increase website traffic, Organizers Direct’s digital marketing campaign would not be complete without a thorough SEO campaign. Publishing relevant content regularly and building website credibility was one of the ways to increase their position on search engines like Google, and with that their visibility and traffic drastically improved.

The Results

Organizers Direct saw incredible results once Fasturtle was able to integrate their marketing tactics fully.

They rank on the first page of Google for several keywords that are critical to their business, and directing important traffic to their website every month.

Using the conversion tracking included in their Growth SEO Program, they were able to easily assess and monitor how Fasturtle was helping to boost their business.

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Continued Success in the Home Organization Industry

The partnership between Fasturtle and Organizers Direct has shown incredible success, and looks to continue to show steady improvements in the future. Even in the early stages of campaigns, we are building brand awareness and online visibility. The dedicated Fasturtle team has proven this strategy to be highly effective and continues to do so within other markets around the country. Contact our team today to see how we can turn around your business.