Digital Marketing Case Study

Creaction Organize

Creaction Organize is a branch of Creaction Design Group that custom designs and builds luxurious organizational systems for closets, home offices, garages and more. The Creaction Organize team is composed of knowledgeable professionals with many years of experience in the field. Being a new business, however, they were eager to build their brand and close that first sale. Reaching out to the dedicated team at Fasturtle, they found a marketing partner that would help grow their business even faster than they had hoped.

Founded in 2000, Fasturtle was established to help businesses like Creaction Organize establish their brand and reach their business goals. Our clients’ business is our priority. Providing exceptional, results-oriented, digital marketing solutions, we at Fasturtle pride ourselves on being driven by the results and partnering with our clients to build successful campaigns. With the business goals discussed with the Creaction Organize in mind, our skilled digital marketing team devised an extremely successful marketing campaign.

Looking to generate more leads with a marketing strategy that would increase online visibility, improve ad campaign targeting, and leverage their eye-catching images, Arizona Garage and Closet Design began working with Fasturtle in 2020.

The Problem

Establishing marketing tactics and figuring out how to get the attention of prospective customers can be difficult, even more so for new companies who don’t yet have a recognizable brand. Because of this, Creaction Organize trusted Fasturtle to help with the following:

No online visibility / traffic (especially from organic search) and no brand awareness.

Hadn’t made a sale yet! They needed help with lead generation and getting in front of their audience.

Our Solution

In creating a marketing strategy to ensure Creaction Organize was able to effectively launch their brand, Fasturtle relied heavily on a few tactics: Facebook and Google Ad campaigns along with an SEO campaign.

Once launched, the campaign brought in an abundance of quality leads, proving the new partnership between Fasturtle and Arizona Garage and Closet Design to be of tremendous value.

Facebook Ads

With a rich history of helping brands target their audience through Facebook ads at Fasturtle, we knew that this would be a strong tactic for Creaction Organize. Facebook campaigns are uniquely able to hyper-target our desired audience while utilizing the stunning imagery provided to draw in potential customers. Combined with engaging content, the ads grab the attention of customers scrolling through their news feed.

Google Ads

Further grabbing the attention of potential customers, we developed a Google ad campaign targeting those actively searching for garage organization and cabinets. Using heavily searched keywords and a well designed landing page, we expanded our reach within the target audience.

SEO Campaign

Looking to build brand awareness and increase website traffic, Creaction’s digital marketing campaign would not be complete without a well-thought-out search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. Optimizing the website and continuing to publish relevant content on a regular basis increases their position on search engines like Google, and with that their visibility and traffic.

The Results

Hopeful to get their new business off the ground quickly, Creaction Organize was thrilled with the immediate results of our digital marketing campaign. They received 49 high-quality leads in the first 30 days of launching their social media ad campaign. Since then, this campaign has continued to generate an average of 31 leads per month.

Less than 90 days after launching their SEO campaign, Creaction’s website was ranking on the second page for three of their five targeted keywords. This tremendously increased their online visibility as they were previously not ranking at all for any keywords, and continues to do so month over month.

Additionally, the company has received 37 high-quality leads from Facebook alone and they had converted almost every single one as of January 27th, 2021.

High-Quality Leads in the First 30 Days.
Average Leads per Month.

Continued Success in the Home Organization Industry

The partnership between Fasturtle and Creaction proved to be extremely successful even as it’s only in its early stages. With that said, these tactics have helped Fasturtle establish successful relationships with our other clients within the same industry as it has already led to an 86.5% increase in conversion rate, an average of 28 leads per month from paid social media and a 356% increase in organic traffic.

This proves Fasturtle’s ability to understand the needs of clients within Creaction’s industry early on in our relationships with them and effectively implement tactics that will generate results quickly in the future.